• Working with the students and their advisors showed us how valuable their program is, not only to the students involved, but to the many organizations that have benefited from their expertise.  We owe them a huge debt of gratitude!

    Carol Wilson-Jungck, Executive Director, Hope House Free Medical Clinic

  • It was great to see the students grow, from being inexperienced and unsure of themselves, to the level of professionalism needed to interact with clients in the “real world”. Thank you so much for taking us on as a client!

    Teresa K. Cook, PhD, CMA, Project Starburst

  • ACT has been doing a great job implementing the system from the deliverables I’ve seen. A clear sign the students made everything easy to use. Thanks again for the great work

    Anne Redford, Board Member, Artists Creating Together

  • We received a entirely new branding of our business. The students were able to capture the essence of what family practice’s role is in the new healthcare environment, and what we wanted to portray to our customer. We couldn’t be happier the end result!

    Tania LeBaron, MD, Cadillac Family Physicians, PC

  • We are so impressed with how professional the students are and how easy they are to work with. But all that is overshadowed by their boundless creativity and enthusiasm- which never ceases to amaze us year after year.

    Michele Suchovsky & Alyssa Morillo Scheidt, Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation