The Design Project Center [DPC] at Ferris State University began as the brainchild of Linda Powell and Barbara Loveland, former employees of furniture design and manufacturing corporation, Herman Miller. Their main dream was to create a place where fourth year students can get real life experience before they make their way out to the real world. The DPC also gives willing companies an opportunity to have professional quality work done without large costs.

Since its inception, the DPC has been fostering a real work-life environment for Ferris’ senior design students, acting as an internship more so than a class to give its members first hand experiences in a design firm setting. With real work, real causes, and real benefits, the Design Project Center is a proud addition to any student designer’s resume.

The Design Project Center doesn’t just focus its real world applications and work on the student side of things. The center attracts clients from all over who are looking for high quality work. In fact, the client is perhaps the central focus of the DPC.

The Design Project Center is a not-for-profit design firm that provides smart design solutions to the best causes through its enthusiastic and professional young designers.