Ferris Outfitters Brand Identity

Ferris Outfitters, formerly known as the campus bookstore, is the one stop shop for students to purchase spirit gear, food and beverage, and any other essentials included in the Ferris Experience. Additionally, the lower level of the store is now the Bulldog Service Center, where students can go for student services as well as purchase school supplies. I worked in a team with 3 other designers to create a new brand for these campus entities.


Katherine Kroll

Rilee Greene

Scott Kendra

Natalie Tang

Ferris Outfitters and the Bulldog Service Center are separate entities. Additionally, both entities are distinguished from the Ferris State University brand system.

Ferris Outfitters color palette derives from Ferris State University’s school colors for consistency and brand association.

Bulldog Service Center uses yellow in order to further distinguish itself from Ferris Outfitters.